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The use of the website involves the full acceptance of the General conditions of sale and terms of use set out below. These conditions are likely to be modified at any time.

The website is accessible continually, except for maintenance or in the case of technical problems. If you cannot access to the website, the company commits to restore the access as quickly as possible. The company is only subject to an obligation of means and therefore shall not be held liable for any prejudice resulting from unavailability of the service.

The Ôplantes website offers the possibility to sign up for cosmetics workshops and buying gift card for all the workshops available.

Any reservation of workshop involves the full consultation and acceptance of the general conditions of sale and terms of use.


Prices for workshops are those which are in effect at the time of reservation and are in euro. The company reserves the right to change these prices at any time.

Payment is due on the day of reservation and not later than the day of the workshop. Do not forget that the reservation is complete only after settlement.

Settlement has to be made by cheque payable to: Valérie Mayé; or in cash.

If you have a gift card issued by the company you can reserve a workshop on the website and you must indicate “gift card” in your message.

Workshops can be held in the company’s premises or in other places (at your home, in your company). In this case, the number of people attending the workshop has to be more than six. An extra 20 euros is necessary if you want me to come and in the case you are more than 15 km from the company

Concerning places which are 25 km from the company, contact me.


Registration for workshops can be made through the Ôplantes wedsite by sending an email and by giving a call, within the limit of available places.

The reservation of one or several workshops involve the full settlement of all the amounts owed to Ôplantes for this or these workshops.

Registrations are complete once you receive a confirmation e-mail at the address given by you and full settlement of the money owed.

Settlements have to be made before workshop takes place and not later than that. Valérie Mayé reserves the right to refuse to hold an unpaid workshop.

The company reserves the right to refuse to respond to a request for reserving a workshop in case of settlement dispute, previous dispute, or false identity.

Some requirements are necessary if you want to host a workshop, such as a socket which comply with the standards, one or two tables depending on their length, and a sink to wash the equipment before and after the workshop. Further information is provided after registration.


The people participating in the workshop are informed of the ingredients which are all of natural origin during the process of making. If you think there is any risk of allergic reaction caused by a certain plant or ingredient, please report it to the person responsible for the workshop before. The company will not accept any responsibility for allergic reactions caused by ingredients used during the workshop.

The participants commit to keep the security and hygiene rules given before we start.

The company shall not be held liable for damages which may result from the non-compliance with safety or hygiene rules or caused by misuse or neglect.

In some workshops we sometimes use essential oil. They are powerful concentrates of active ingredients. We must be careful when using it. We recommend you testing the essential oil of your choice by applying a drop to the crook of your elbow 48 hours before using it for another purpose. (one drop per fifteen drops of vegetable oil).

In general, it is not advisable to apply essential oil if you are a pregnant woman, a child younger than 6, or if you have a hormone-dependent cancer.

If this is your case, please contact the person responsible for the workshop before it.

The participants must take care of their belongings during the workshop wherever it takes place.

The company shall not be held liable for any loss or damages to participants’ personal effects.

The company shall not be held liable for any injuries or material damages which might be resulted from the bad use of a product that the participant made on his own during the workshop.


These general conditions of sale are subject to the French law.

All claims, shall be written and directed to Valérie Mayé at 32 rue du Monument 62173 Rivière or by email :

In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought by the parties before any recourse to law.


The company reserves the right to cancel worshops up to 48 hours before if less than two people take part in them. In this case, you could postpone or be refunded.

Anyone who reserved a workshop and then want to cancel have to report it 48 hours before by sending an email or by a phone call. In this case, we shall not refund clients, but you can postpone your reservation.